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  • Sample of "Give Peace a Chance", recorded in Montreal in 1969 during Lennon and Ono's secondBed-In for Peace. As described by biographerBill Harry, Lennon wanted to "write a peace anthem that would take over from the song 'We Shall Overcome' – and he succeeded... it became the main anti-Vietnamprotest song." (en)
  • Sample of "Imagine", Lennon's most widely known post-Beatles song.Like "Give Peace a Chance", the song became an anti-war anthem, but its lyrics offended religious groups. Lennon's explanation was: "If you can imagine a world at peace, with no denominations of religion – not without religion, but without this 'my god is bigger than your god' thing – then it can be true." (en)
  • Imagine.ogg
  • Give Peace a Chance.ogg
  • Give Peace a Chance (en)
  • "Imagine" (en)
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