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This is a list of episodes from the ninth season of Columbo.

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  • This is a list of episodes from the ninth season of Columbo. (en)
  • La saison 9 de la série télévisée Columbo comporte six épisodes diffusés de novembre 1989 à mai 1990. (fr)
  • Девятый сезон американского телесериала «Коломбо», премьера которого состоялась на канале ABC 25 ноября 1989 года, а заключительная серия вышла 14 мая 1990 года, состоит из 6 эпизодов. (ru)
  • 1989-11-25 (xsd:date)
  • 6 (xsd:nonNegativeInteger)
  • 40612343 (xsd:integer)
  • 11157 (xsd:nonNegativeInteger)
  • 1071947280 (xsd:integer)
  • 4020.0
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  • Andrew Stevens as Wayne Jennings (en)
  • Deidre Hall as Dian Hunter (en)
  • Edward Winter as Charlie Chambers (en)
  • Helen Shaver as Vivian Dimitri (en)
  • Ian Buchanan as Sean Brantley (en)
  • James Read as Wesley Corman (en)
  • Janet Margolin as Theresa Goren (en)
  • Louis Zorich as Frank Staplin (en)
  • Marshall R. Teague as Adam Evans (en)
  • Patrick Bauchau as Max Barsini (en)
  • Patrick McGoohan as Oscar Finch (en)
  • Fionnula Flanagan as Louise Barsini; [unknown actor plays Barsini agent] (en)
  • #A61931 (en)
  • United States (en)
  • List of Columbo episodes (en)
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  • 1989-11-25 (xsd:date)
  • 1990-05-14 (xsd:date)
  • A61931 (en)
  • 6 (xsd:integer)
  • 1989-11-25 (xsd:date)
  • 1990-01-20 (xsd:date)
  • 1990-02-10 (xsd:date)
  • 1990-03-31 (xsd:date)
  • 1990-04-28 (xsd:date)
  • 1990-05-14 (xsd:date)
  • 9 (xsd:integer)
  • Temperamental artist Max Barsini effectively lives with three women: his ex-wife, Louise , his young live-in model Julie , and his current wife Vanessa . Barsini takes delight in the way they fight for his attention. But when Louise begins seeing a therapist, Dr. Hammer , who is also her new fiancé, Barsini fears she will reveal that he killed his first agent, who was robbing him. He kills Louise, then makes it look like she drowned at the beach while he was at Vito's bar, painting. Columbo poses for Barsini while investigating him. Final clue/twist: Columbo can prove that a spot on Louise's face was not washed-up make-up but was instead remnants of "Barsini red", a special color mixed only for Barsini, and that it was on the cloth she was benumbed with. (en)
  • The episode is partially told in flashbacks from the funeral of Columbo's wife. Vivian Dimitri is a real-estate executive whose recently deceased husband had been sent to prison by Columbo. She seeks revenge by plotting to kill the Columbos. But first she murders her boss, Charlie Chambers , her husband's partner who avoided prison by informing on him. Vivian shoots Chambers in his office, using her affair with married Leland St. John to establish an alibi. Then she plants evidence to make it look like Chambers was killed by disgruntled residents of a new housing development he was constructing. Her plan is then to kill the Columbos with a jar of poisoned marmalade. Roscoe Lee Browne plays her psychiatrist, Dr. Steadman. Final clue/twist: Figuring out Vivian's plan, Columbo and the police fake the death of his wife. After the big "funeral", Columbo invites Vivian into what she thinks is his house. He makes himself toast with marmalade. While Columbo pretends to be dying of poison, Vivian confesses to all three murders. He then breaks character, and tells her that he'd suspected her all along, and had the marmalade tested as soon as she gave it to him. They are actually in the home of another officer, who recorded the confession, and the marmalade jar is a different one. Aired under the ABC Saturday Mystery. (en)
  • Dentist Wesley Corman decides to get rid of his unfaithful wife, Lydia , and use her money to support his gambling habit. When Adam Evans , a Hollywood heartthrob having an affair with Lydia, comes under his care, Corman puts a time-release poison made from digitalis under a crown. It takes effect when the couple are together that evening and Corman is playing cards, thereby framing Lydia for the murder. Paul Burke co-stars as Horace Sherwin, Lydia's father, also a dentist. Final clue/twist: Columbo traps Corman by taking advantage of the fact that Corman was never good at chemistry. He orders Evans' body exhumed and demonstrates to Corman that if there was indeed digitalis, it would have caused a chemical reaction with the porcelain in the crown, making a blue stain on Evans' tooth underneath the crown. Before they begin to examine Evans' mouth, Corman confesses. Of course, Columbo faked the demonstration: there would be no such reaction. This same storyline was first used in the MacMillan & Wife episode "Affair of the Heart" that had aired in 1977. Bochco shared writing credit for the earlier version with Leonard Stern. (en)
  • Oscar Finch is a lawyer who uses underhanded methods to get his clients off, like coercing Paul Mackey , who worked for the D.A.'s office, into destroying evidence against racketeer Frank Staplin in 1969. Twenty-one years later, Mackey is chosen by a presidential candidate, Governor Montgomery , to be his Vice Presidential running mate. Finch himself hopes that he might be appointed as the next Attorney General. Staplin, facing another indictment, threatens to expose the long-ago favor and ruin Finch's and Mackey's political futures if he doesn't arrange the destruction of another document. Finch decides to murder him. He scatters cigar ashes to make it seem he was in a late-night meeting with a contributor when the murder occurred. Finch walks to Staplin's house, shoots him and makes his death look like a suicide. Final clue/twist: After Columbo learns that Staplin hadn't eaten any of the cheese on the dish at the crime scene, but that the block of cheese had had a piece bitten off from it, he assumes that the murderer must have taken a bite. CSI can fabricate a toothprint from the cheese and Columbo finds more than enough samples of Finch's toothprint on his discarded pieces of chewing gum - proving that he was at the crime scene. McGoohan won a second Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series, following his part in "By Dawn's Early Light". (en)
  • When Dian Hunter , the partner of men's magazine publisher Sean Brantley , vanishes after expressing a desire to sell her 51% interest to a rival, suspicion falls on Sean and his girlfriend Tina . Columbo sets out to find the body, eventually digging up much of Brantley's estate and breaking open the walls. But after the search turns into a full-blown media event, Dian resurfaces, explaining she needed some time to herself. Dian and Sean planned the disappearance as a publicity stunt to increase sales. But to his shock, she actually intends to sell now that her holding is more valuable. Sean proceeds to then kill Dian for real and hides the body, believing that Columbo will not be allowed to search for it again. Richard Levinson and William Link wrote the story for this episode, but were uncredited. Final clue/twist: Dian apparently left wearing a fur coat. Columbo gets suspicious when he sees all her remaining fur coats in plastic storage bags, deducing that Brantley put the body in the missing bag. Knowing he will not be supported in a second full search, he phones the pager Dian wears as a wristlet: it is on her body, behind a finished section of the replacement wall being installed; which Columbo tears down. (en)
  • Jess McCurdy fails to convince her sister, best-selling romance novelist Theresa Goren , to cancel her wedding to Wayne Jennings , a playboy/tennis bum half her age and a gold digger. McCurdy impersonates her sister on the phone with Jennings and dumps him. Jennings reacts by killing Goren - twice. He arranges an alibi for the first murder, then returns and shoots her corpse. He allows Columbo to "catch" him for the second murder, which he confesses, but then "learns" that he had only shot a corpse, so is innocent of murder, which he assumes will be blamed on a burglar. Final clue/twist: Columbo untangles the plot with his surprisingly detailed familiarity with the location of the tag on women's panties. He proved that someone else put Goren's underwear onto her corpse, and that this someone could only be a man, because only a man would put the panties on backwards. A murderous burglar wouldn't have bothered to dress the corpse; only Jennings would have a reason to do so, to help his alibi. (en)
  • Agenda for Murder (en)
  • Columbo Cries Wolf (en)
  • Murder in Malibu (en)
  • Murder: A Self Portrait (en)
  • Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo (en)
  • Uneasy Lies the Crown (en)
  • This is a list of episodes from the ninth season of Columbo. (en)
  • La saison 9 de la série télévisée Columbo comporte six épisodes diffusés de novembre 1989 à mai 1990. (fr)
  • Девятый сезон американского телесериала «Коломбо», премьера которого состоялась на канале ABC 25 ноября 1989 года, а заключительная серия вышла 14 мая 1990 года, состоит из 6 эпизодов. (ru)
  • Columbo (season 9) (en)
  • Saison 9 de Columbo (fr)
  • Episodi di Colombo (nona stagione) (it)
  • Коломбо (сезон 9) (ru)
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