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The Mubarek zone (Russian: Мубарекская зона, Crimean Tatar: Mubarek zonası) was a failed proposal by the government of the Soviet Union promoted by the KGB throughout the 1970s and 80's to push exiled Crimean Tatars (referred to as "people of Tatar nationality that formerly lived in Crimea" by the government) scattered throughout the Ferghana valley to move to the mostly unindustrialized Mubarek district of the Qashqadaryo Region with the goal of having them help industrialize the area, "take root" in Uzbekistan to put to rest desires to return to Crimea, and compose a new Tatar district in lieu of the Crimean Tatar community's long-sought goal of full right of return to Crimea and restoration of the Crimean ASSR. Few Crimean Tatars supported it or ever moved to the proposed district, seei

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