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Emory Canda Ferguson (March 5, 1833 – October 7, 1911) was an early pioneer of Washington state who helped create Snohomish County from Island County in 1861. Along with Edson F. Cady, he was a founder of Snohomish, which would become the county seat from 1862 until 1896. Over his life, Ferguson served as county commissioner, postmaster, a Washington state legislator, Speaker of the State House of Representatives, Snohomish City Council President, justice of the peace, and mayor of Snohomish, as well as realtor, saloon keeper, and store owner. He was involved in many early plans to make Snohomish prominent, including a ferry for military use across the Snohomish River and a trail through the Cascade Mountains to reach a gold rush, few of which were successful. Upon his death, Ferguson was

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