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China (Chinese: 中国; pinyin: Zhōngguó), officially the People's Republic of China (PRC; Chinese: 中华人民共和国; pinyin: Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó), is a country in East Asia. It is the world's most populous country, with a population of more than 1.4 billion. China spans five geographical time zones and borders 14 different countries, the second most of any country in the world after Russia. Covering an area of approximately 9.6 million square kilometers (3,700,000 sq mi), it is the world's third or fourth largest country. The country consists of 23 provinces, four municipalities, five autonomous regions, and two Special Administrative Regions (Hong Kong and Macau). The national capital is Beijing, the largest city and financial center is Shanghai, and Shenzhen serves as the technological and inn

  • China
  • منطقة تشوغوكو
  • الصين
  • الصين (منطقة)
  • Chūgoku
  • República Popular de la Xina
  • Xina
  • Čína
  • Čúgoku
  • China
  • Chūgoku
  • China (Band)
  • Volksrepublik China
  • Κίνα
  • Ĉinio
  • Ĉugokuo
  • China (Nuevo León)
  • Ĉinio (regiono)
  • China (región)
  • China (Nuevo León)
  • Región de Chūgoku
  • República Popular China
  • China (udalerria)
  • Txinako Herri Errepublika
  • Txinaren izenak
  • Chūgoku eskualdea
  • An tSín
  • Chūgoku
  • Daon-Phoblacht na Síne
  • Tiongkok
  • Tiongkok (istilah)
  • Wilayah Chūgoku
  • China (Mexique)
  • Région du Chūgoku
  • Chine
  • China (Nuevo León)
  • China (gruppo musicale)
  • Chūgoku
  • Cina
  • 中国地方
  • 中華人民共和国
  • 中国
  • 주고쿠 지방
  • 중국
  • 중화인민공화국
  • Chugoku
  • China
  • Chińska Republika Ludowa
  • Volksrepubliek China
  • Chiny
  • China (Nuevo León)
  • Region Chūgoku
  • China (Nuevo León)
  • Região de Chugoku
  • China
  • Китай
  • Тюгоку
  • China (banda)
  • Chugoku
  • Kina (region)
  • Китайська Народна Республіка
  • China (kommun)
  • China, Nuevo León
  • Kina
  • Регіон Тюґоку
  • Китай
  • 中国地方
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