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Charles VI (German: Karl VI.; Latin: Carolus VI; 1 October 1685 – 20 October 1740) succeeded his elder brother, Joseph I, as Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia (as Charles II), King of Hungary and Croatia, Serbia and Archduke of Austria (as Charles III) in 1711. He unsuccessfully claimed the throne of Spain following the death of his relative, Charles II. In 1708, he married Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, by whom he had his four children: Leopold Johann (who died in infancy), Maria Theresa (the last direct Habsburg sovereign), Maria Anna (Governess of the Austrian Netherlands), and Maria Amalia (who also died in infancy).

  • كارل السادس (إمبراطور روماني مقدس)
  • Carles VI del Sacre Imperi Romanogermànic
  • Karel VI.
  • Karl VI. (HRR)
  • Κάρολος ΣΤ΄ της Αγίας Ρωμαϊκής Αυτοκρατορίας
  • Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor
  • Karolo la 6-a (Sankta Romia Imperio)
  • Carlos VI del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico
  • Karlos VI.a Germaniako Erromatar Inperio Santukoa
  • Charles VI (empereur du Saint-Empire)
  • Karl VI, Kaisar Romawi Suci
  • Carlo VI d'Asburgo
  • カール6世 (神聖ローマ皇帝)
  • 카를 6세
  • Keizer Karel VI
  • Karol VI Habsburg
  • Carlos VI do Sacro Império Romano-Germânico
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