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Bridgwater and West Somerset is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament.

  • Bridgwater and West Somerset (UK Parliament constituency)
  • Bridgwater and West Somerset (circonscription britannique)
  • Bridgwater agus Somerset Thiar (Toghcheantar na Ríochta Aontaithe)
  • Collegio di Bridgwater and West Somerset
  • 布里奇沃特和西薩默塞特 (英國國會選區)
  • Bridgwater and West Somerset is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament.
  • Is toghcheantar i dTeach Theachtaí na Ríochta Aontaithe é Bridgwater agus Somerset Thiar. Cruthaíodh sa bhliain 2010 é. Is é () an sealbhóir reatha den suíochán.
  • Bridgwater and West Somerset è un collegio elettorale inglese situato nel Somerset e rappresentato alla camera dei Comuni del parlamento del Regno Unito. Elegge un membro del parlamento con il sistema maggioritario a turno unico; l'attuale parlamentare è del Partito Conservatore, che rappresenta il collegio dal 2010.
  • La circonscription de Bridgwater and West Somerset est une circonscription située dans le Somerset, représentée dans la Chambre des Communes du Parlement britannique depuis 2010 par Ian Liddell-Grainger du Parti conservateur.
  • 布里奇沃特和西薩默塞特(英語:Bridgwater and West Somerset),英國國會一郡選區,位於英格蘭西南部薩默塞特郡西北部,包括了西薩默塞特全部和南部。 本區始設於2010年。2010年大選中保守黨的伊恩·利德爾-格蘭傑以45.3%選票勝出該區成功連任。
  • Bridgwater and West Somerset
  • POINT(-3.3099999427795 51.130001068115)
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  • 51.13 -3.31
  • Ian Liddell-Grainger
  • Marcus Kravis
  • Peter Hollings
  • Julie Harvey-Smith
  • Bob Cudlipp
  • Charles Graham
  • Bill Revans
  • Simon Smedley
  • Donna Treanor
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