Property Value
  • 33059 (xsd:integer)
  • 492886595 (xsd:integer)
  • Washington DC (en)
is dbo:almaMater of
is dbo:birthPlace of
is dbo:board of
is dbo:broadcastArea of
is dbo:city of
is dbo:deathPlace of
is dbo:foundationPlace of
is dbo:garrison of
is dbo:headquarter of
is dbo:hometown of
is dbo:location of
is dbo:locationCity of
is dbo:occupation of
is dbo:populationPlace of
is dbo:recordedIn of
is dbo:regionServed of
is dbo:residence of
is dbo:restingPlace of
is dbo:state of
is dbp:2013Location of
is dbp:address of
is dbp:areaServed of
is dbp:areasServed of
is dbp:city of
is dbp:destinations of
is dbp:home of
is dbp:location of
is dbp:place of
is dbp:stadium of
is dbp:workplaces of
is foaf:primaryTopic of