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  • A go-go dancer is discovered murdered and bound with television antenna wire. She was a former policewoman and girlfriend of Starsky's, which sparks him and Hutch to tap several eccentric informants for a lead on the crazed killer. Note: Veteran actor Elisha Cook Jr. appears in this episode as Polly The Snitch.
  • The hideous rape-murder of the wife of a used-car salesman leads the salesman to pick up a huge revolver and go after the two killers, who also robbed him. Note: This is Michael Lerner's last appearance on the show as Fat Rollie.
  • Starsky and Hutch go undercover as Rafferty and O'Brien, Texas-based drug dealers looking to make a five-kilo heroin buy from drug kingpin Danner. Assisting them is Cheryl, a wide-eyed country girl and one of Danner's reluctant drug mules. Note: Jimi Hendrix poster seen at Huggy Bear's staircase landing.
  • A pair of small-time crooks steal a car not knowing it has a bomb in its trunk set to detonate at five o'clock. Starsky and Hutch have to do detective work on a deadline, locate the car, collar the crooks and beat the clock before it blows. note: Bernie Hamilton assumes the roles of Captain Dobey for the remainder of the series after Richard Ward had left the show after filming the pilot episode, and Three's Company star Suzanne Somers one of three guest appearances.
  • A taut hostage drama featuring a wounded Starsky, Hutch and other patrons of an Italian restaurant held captive while a pair of hit-men await the midnight arrival of a mob boss targeted for assassination. Note: Huggy Bear says Starsky's full name: David Michael Starsky. The Jeffersons co-star Danny Wells appears in this episode as Harry Sample, The Young and the Restless star Jess Walton appears in this episode as Theresa Defusto, also Charlie's Angels star Farrah Fawcett has an uncredited role as the party guest, and Three's Company co-star Norman Fell appears in this episode as Sammy Grover.
  • A criminal investigation becomes personal for Hutch when he learns the homicidal maniac among a band of thieving dockworkers is engaged to marry Hutch's childhood friend Nancy. Note: David Soul and Sheila Larken had previously starred in The Phantom of Herald Square. When Starsky and Hutch drive up to Ezra's Church of the Netherworld Science it is only cloudy outside, but when the door opens it is pouring rain behind Starsky and Hutch. When they leave a few minutes later it is again only cloudy and the streets and sidewalks are dry. Steven McHattie appears in this episode as Billy.
  • Starsky and Hutch uncover the man and motive behind a series of stripper slayings. Note: it's Charlie Picerni , stunt double for Paul Michael Glaser that pops out of the shrubs and even says the lines, "Hey man. Come on, man".
  • When a punk robs the wrong place, knowing that "the people" who run it will come after him so he turns to his old friend, Huggy Bear to make things right with "them". Huggy calls the boss who tells him to just return it. But his friend tells his girlfriend what happened but she wants the money and it turns out she's seeing someone else so they kill him and take the money from Huggy Bear leaving him holding the bag. So Huggy turns to Starsky and Hutch for help. Note: Driving to Lou's gym, Starsky & Hutch from Motor Ave turn east on National Blvd, and are still eastbound coming back instead of being westbound.
  • An armored car driver is forced to collect money for a band of robbers who are holding his pregnant wife hostage. Starsky and Hutch have only a few hours to locate his wife and rescue the driver, as this gang's m.o. is to leave no witnesses alive. Note: Three's Company star John Ritter appears in this episode as Tom Cole, Linda Kelsey also appears in this episode as Ellie Cole, and Nellie Bellflower one of two appearances as Sweet Alice.
  • After Starsky shoots a 16-year-old armed robber, a crazed ex-con vows to kill uniformed policemen until Starsky resigns from the force. Note: This veteran actor Stephan McNally's first of two appearances as Crazy George Prudholm, and Anita Ford also appears in this episode.
  • Pilot episode. The two detectives investigating a double homicide, discover that the man and women who died were mistakenly murdered, it was the detectives themselves who were the intended targets. Note: The pilot was originally shot with Richard Ward as Captain Dobey.
  • Starsky and Hutch make time to help an old friend just back in town locate his ex-wife and son while also attempting to uncover the identity of a hitman hired to assassinate a secret witness in a drug kingpin's trial. Note: Susan Gailey is the mother of the alleged Roman Polanski "victim" Samantha Geimer, this is Gordon Jump's last appearance as the owner of Vinnie's Gym, also Art Hindle appears in this episode as John Colby, and this is the first of Ann Foster's four guest appearances as Abigail Crabtree.
  • Starsky and Hutch have to locate and rescue a washed-up jazz pianist now compulsive gambler running for his life after stealing $2,000 in counterfeit bills from a mob-connected club owner. Note: Gil White's G.W. Jazz Club phone number is 555-2552. Veteran actors Dane Clark and Jacqueline Scott appear in this episode as Vic and Evelyn Rankin, Hell Town's Zitto Kazann also appears in this episode as Gordon Foote, an earlier appearance from Arthur Roberts who would later co-star in television series Air America, and Connie Hoffman's one of two appearances.
  • Starsky and Hutch are assigned to escort the daughter of a crime boss from San Francisco to Los Angeles, but a security leak has unleashed hordes of hit men that they must evade en route. Note: The motorcycle the two hit men are riding is a 1964 Triumph Speed Twin, which has a 4-stroke engine, but the soundtrack has the engine noise of a 2-stroke engine.
  • Cocaine kingpin Stryker targets Starsky and Hutch after a million dollars in coke goes missing. Dobey gives the duo 48 hours to crack the case before turning it over to Internal Affairs. Note: Captain Dobey reveals that his partner and best friend Elmo Jackson was murdered and hung on a meat hook by Stryker. Law & Order star George Dzundza appears in this episode as Crandell.
  • Captain Dobey's determination to heat up a cold case puts him and his family in the crosshairs of a grudge-nursing ex-cop sprung from prison by a corrupt corporate CEO who wants both Dobey and the case put on ice. Note: Only episode in which Captain Dobey's family appear. Hutch is wearing a lighter colored jacket in the wide shot driving to church. Sanford and Son co-star Lynn Hamilton appears in this episode as Edith Dobey, and Blansky's Beauties star Taaffe O'Connell also appears in this episode as Lola Brenner.
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  • Captain Dobey, You're Dead
  • Kill Huggy Bear
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  • Starsky and Hutch (season 1)
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