Red Rock is an Irish Drama set in a fictional seaside town near Dublin. It was first shown on TV3 on 7 January 2015, and is produced by Element Pictures and Company Pictures. The show is based around Red Rock's local Garda Station, and also features two feuding families, the Kielys and the Hennessys, whose battles often involve them with the police. All episodes are filmed on location or in studios based at the old John Player Factory in Dublin. The show received eight nominations and won three awards, including Best Soap, at its very first IFTA awards in 2015.

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  • Red Rock es una serie de televisión estrenada el 7 de enero del 2015 por medio de la cadena TV3. La serie es producida por "Element Pictures" y "Company Pictures". La serie se centra en dos familias en una área típica de la clase media de Dublin y en la estación de la policía local. La serie ha contado con la participación invitada de Karl Bowe, Fionna Hewitt-Twamley, Maghnús Foy, Pat Mooney, Dean Brown, Paul Ward, Peter Carr, Fiona Quinn, Francis Usanga, entre otros... (es)
  • Red Rock is an Irish Drama set in a fictional seaside town near Dublin. It was first shown on TV3 on 7 January 2015, and is produced by Element Pictures and Company Pictures. The show is based around Red Rock's local Garda Station, and also features two feuding families, the Kielys and the Hennessys, whose battles often involve them with the police. All episodes are filmed on location or in studios based at the old John Player Factory in Dublin. The show received eight nominations and won three awards, including Best Soap, at its very first IFTA awards in 2015. It debuted on BBC One on 11 July 2016. Following the final episode of Series 1 on BBC One on September 2 2016, It has now been announced that Series 2 will air on BBC One in 2017. (en)
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  • Sophie Petzal
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  • Ursula Rani Sarma
  • Peter McKenna
  • September 2016
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  • Sean and Adrijan try to help a young mother who has had her car stolen. Sean takes a shine to her, and goes out of his way to recover the stolen vehicle, but Adrijan suspects there is more to the case than meets the eye, and discovers the woman has a long and complicated history with the Garda. Meanwhile, Patricia is furious to discover that David is spending the night with Katie. After grilling Michael about the relationship, he reveals David was present the night that Darren Kiely was murdered, and watched on as the murder took place. When she finally confronts David, she orders that he break off the relationship - or she will ensure he faces a manslaughter charge.
  • David isn't pleased with Katie's choice of surname for Baby Luke, and becomes further infuriated when Rory intervenes and warns him to cool his temper. Meanwhile, as the Hennessys prepare for Michael to begin his sentence, McKay abandons their last supper to confront Paudge, who confirms that he is the mole who has been working for Beady. Maggie pleads with him to save his career, but Paudge becomes determined to do right by his colleagues. As McKay takes him in to the station for a formal interview, he is confronted by a masked attacker, who stabs him with a carving knife, and then goes on to attack Paudge. McKay's friends and colleagues are distraught when he subsequently dies of his injuries.
  • Sean and Adrijan lead the search for a young girl who has been reported missing by her father. They discover her disappearance may be linked to the arranged marriage that she was about to be forced into, and immediately lose patience with her father. They suspect that one of her friends, Caitlin, may be protecting her, but struggle to prove it. Meanwhile, Angela continues to alienate her family when she fails to turn up for her son's meeting with his scoutmaster. Sharon prepares to return to work, and tries to build up the courage to rat on Brian. Brian, however, has other plans and warns Sharon that if she decides to speak out, he cannot be held responsible for his actions.
  • Sharon and Paudge attend to an assault victim in the local hospital, only to discover it is none other than Ollie Coyne, who has been assaulted by Beady's thugs for pocketing drugs he was meant to sell. Paudge convinces Ollie to testify against Beady, but soon receives a visit from the unhappy thug, who threatens to harm his mother unless he continues to keep their arrangement. Meanwhile, a young boy brings a live hand grenade he found on the bus into the station, forcing an evacuation. Vincent starts his new job at the security firm, but struggles to keep his nerve. Sean and Adrijan's arrest of Joan Curry, who is found drunk at the wheel, leads to an unexpected romance.
  • Connor's road to recovery faces a setback when one of his former school friends, Daniel Dooley, is killed after attempting to rob a taxi driver for money to buy heroin. After being tempted into danger by Rachel, will Connor choose to forfeit his months of hard work? McKay's request to have Davey as his informant is turned down by the big bosses, forcing him to take a risk and employ him as an unregistered informant. Rory's pursuit of the taxi driver who was involved in Dooley's death hits a brick wall when he appears to go to ground after Paudge discovers he has overstayed his visa. But when Paudge later catches up with him, he makes the shocking decision to drop the matter.
  • McKay witnesses a stabbing on his way to the 5-a-side match against the Ridge boys, and is forced to miss out on the action. Meanwhile, the match descends into anarchy and both Sean and Keith Kiely end up with bloody faces. The Garda later discover that the Ridge boys have stolen all of their personal possessions during the frenzy - forcing Sean and Keith to bury the hatchet in order for the team to get them back. In hospital, McKay and Nikki interview victim Davey Webb, which leads to the shocking revelation that he was assumed to be the rat who grassed up Laser Byrne, when it was in fact none other than Beady. Connor is accused of theft, forcing Tommy to give Liam some home truths.
  • Halloween proves to be an eventful day in Dublin as Sharon and Angela are forced to deal with a callout on the volatile St. Columba's housing estate to help a woman who was fallen and broken her ankle. When they discover the woman is heavily pregnant, the urgency of the situation boils over when the stress of the situation sends the victim into early labour. Meanwhile, Beady's niece Aoife is arrested for dealing drugs on the Ridge. When questioned, she denies all knowledge of Beady's operation, but Nikki is furious when the drugs confiscated from Aoife mysteriously disappear. Unaware that Paudge has stolen them at Beady's request, an unsuspecting Adrijan becomes prime suspect.
  • Paudge decides to turn the tables on Beady, insisting that he give him money in return for protection. Paudge is surprised, however, when Beady turns up at a pub that he and Nikki are about to raid, despite prior warning - but soon realises Beady isn't as stupid as he first thought. Sean and Adrijan arrest a man for indecent exposure, but discover he may have been under the influence of a hypnotist at the time. Sean's pursuit of Niamh finally gets off the ground following a stupid bet with Adrijan, but when Niamh finds out, she plots her revenge. Angela and Nikki fight for promotion to inspector, while one of the Kiely's neighbours turns up at the station claiming to be a victim of harassment.
  • When Darren Kiely is found badly beaten, CCTV footage implicates Michael Hennessy in the attack. Aware that the rivalry between the two families seems to have died down of late, the Garda are wary of breaking the news to Darren's family. Meanwhile, it's Sharon Cleere's first week on the job, and she is paired with Paudge Brennan. On the lookout for further CCTV of Michael Hennessy before the assault, she comes across CCTV which implicates Sergeant Brian McGonigle in a relationship with an underage schoolgirl. Meanwhile, Patricia Hennessy threatens a witness to the assault and warns her there could be repercussions if she chooses to testify.
  • The pressure mounts on Adrijan as he refuses to open up to McKay and provide him with an alibi. He unceremoniously asks Joan Curry for help, but after claiming that their affair could lead to him losing his job, Joan is furious and wants nothing more to do with him. Meanwhile, Davey Webb is arrested following a petrol station robbery. CCTV places Davey at the scene, and a jacket worn by one of the suspects is found in his room. His mother is furious, and claims that he was at home with her, unfazed by the seemingly undeniable evidence that Nikki holds on him. McKay, meanwhile, decides to play the situation and offers Davey the chance to become his informant.
  • Sean and Adrijan find an abandoned car covered in blood. They discover the owner, Phil Rodgers, has been badly beaten and hospitalized. He refuses to identify his attacker, but Sean manages to uncover evidence of further offences which secures the suspect's arrest. Meanwhile, Connor's drug addiction continues to spiral, as he continues to fall deeper and deeper into debt. Rachel returns home drunk demanding to see Brian. Liam's suspicions begin to grow, and he demands that McKay open a formal conduct enquiry. However, when Liam later receives a call to say that Rachel hasn't turned up for school, he is troubled to learn that nobody knows where she is.
  • A raid on a drugs den on the Ridge estate finds Paudge caught between a rock and a hard place, when Beady demands that he play informant and tip him off before the raid goes down. Paudge fails to do so, but allows Beady to escape. Beady, however, is unhappy that many of the key players in his distribution outfit have been arrested, and large quantities of his drugs have been seized. Meanwhile, Sean and Sharon arrest a vulnerable pensioner who attacks a burglar he finds in his kitchen. When the victim is later discovered to be the man's carer, Sean realises he may have been too harsh. Katie goes for her first scan, but is told some worrying news about her baby's heart.
  • Two months on, and the search for the hit-and-run driver who injured Adrijan is in full flow. Sean and Nikki close in on a suspect after identifying a CCTV image of the car involved in the attack. Meanwhile, Paudge's demons come back to haunt him when Ollie Coyne turns up at the station and confronts him with the video footage of him burning down his own house. He confiscates Ollie's phone, but when the footage finds its way into Beady Burke's possession, Paudge realises he is in deep trouble. Angela decides to skip a visit to see Connor in rehab to go out celebrating with the team, and ultimately confirms to Tommy that she can no longer bear to look at her own son.
  • A medium turns up at the station claiming to have information on Rachel's whereabouts. When he offers to comfort to Liam and Niamh, McKay is skeptical and asks Sean and Adrijan to look into his past. Meanwhile, Connor stages a burglary at home in order to pay off his drug debt, much to the dismay of Angela, who has no idea the truth behind the attack. Rachel decides to escalate the situation by taking a deadly cocktail of drink and drugs. She phones Brian just as she collapses, but Sharon is witness to the erratic phone call and uses GPS to track Brian to the caravan park. Convinced she has finally caught Brian in the act, she calls for back up and Brian is arrested.
  • Paudge and Sharon are on the trail of a young jewellery thief who decides to swallow his goods in order to avoid being caught with them. Meanwhile, Paudge's money troubles continue to escalate, leading to the point where his car is repossessed just as he is about to sell it. Sean and Adrijan continue to fight for Nikki's affections by gathering leads on a burglary ring involving their old friend Blu-Ray, but Adrijan is gutted when he sees Sean and Nikki kissing. When Connor's laptop is recovered in a haul of stolen goods found in Blu-Ray's flat, Angela is delighted - but Connor begins to panic. Katie is determined to go ahead with an abortion, against her family's wishes.
  • With Davey in witness protection, his mother and sister become targets for Laser, and when his house is petrol bombed, his younger sibling is left fighting for her life. McKay realises he has made an awful mistake, and attempts to protect Davey by allowing him refuge in his flat, much to Claire's dismay. Meanwhile, Angela and Nikki are forced to break the news to the Kielys that the DPP have accepted Michael's plea for manslaughter. Vincent is furious, but Angela manages to persuade him to encompass his thoughts in a victim impact statement to be read out in court. He has other problems to worry about, however, when Katie brings Rory home for a nightcap, and Keith recognises him.
  • Sean and Adrijan arrest a man for aggressive behaviour after a dispute breaks out between the accused and a parking agent who has clamped his car. Meanwhile, Sharon returns to work and warns Brian that she will be keeping a close eye on him. A drunk is arrested after being tied naked to the bandstand on the local pier, but his friends, who are determined to continue the party, turn up at the station and threaten to cause trouble. Sean, Adrijan, Brian and Sharon manage to calm the situation, but when Sean and Adrijan later go to check on their prisoner from earlier, they find him dead in his cell. McKay is forced to call in GSoc to lead up the investigation.
  • Sharon and Paudge attend the scene of a tenancy dispute on the volatile Ridge Estate, but the situation spirals out of control, forcing them to call for backup. Angela tries to defuse the situation but is caught up in an arson attack which leaves her hospitalised on her birthday - forcing some unexpected home-truths. Meanwhile, Bridget decides to leave town and offers to say her goodbyes to Patricia. However, Patricia isn't keen on giving the type of send off she is looking for. Liam berates Patricia over further electricity problems at the cafe, but Patricia is shocked to discover that he has given Katie a job - and orders him to fire her immediately.
  • Michael is brought into custody and formally charged with Darren Kiely's murder. Meanwhile, following a further unsuccessful pregnancy test, James decides that he and Claire should take a break from the IVF treatment and focus on their marriage. Sharon's notebook mysteriously disappears, leading to a further confrontation with McGoningle. An urn arrives at the station, having been sent from the USA. The dead man, David O'Reilly, has expressed his wish to be buried at Cowpark. For Angela, however, it sparks some painful memories of a childhood friend who disappeared in 1983. However, she begins to suspect the urn may be a clue as to where the missing girl may be buried.
  • As the search for Rachel intensifies, Liam and Niamh front a television appeal asking for information. Patricia offers Liam some welcome support, but begins to wonder if he really wants to commit to their relationship. Meanwhile, on door-to-door inquiries, Sean and Adrijan come across a young boy, who has been left home alone, who has accidentally started a chip pan fire. His mother returns and pleads with them not to take her son away, and will Adrijan plays good cop, Sean isn't so convinced of the mother's concern. Rachel finally makes contact with Brian, but he warns her they cannot continue their relationship any longer, and tries to convince her to come home.
  • Paudge continues to surpress his money troubles, but when an angry builder who has been renovating one of his rental properties turns up at the station demanding to see him, he is forced to ask for help. Paudge tries to buy him off by repaying a sum towards the debt, but the builder is unimpressed and decides to strip the house of the material he had previously fitted. When local tearaway Ollie Coyne then trashes the house as an act of revenge, Paudge decides to do the unthinkable. Sean and Adrjian's friendship breaks down as their feud over Nikki's affections reaches boiling point, but their tensions result in a tragic outcome. Katie continues her fight to have an abortion.
  • Sharon is tasked with taking a group of school students on a tour of the station, but struggles to come up with any inspiring stories. Meanwhile, McGonigle stops a youth he suspects of dealing drugs. Instead of arresting him, he confiscates his gear and gives him a warning. When the boy comes into the station, having been beaten up, he claims McGonigle is responsible. McGonigle denies the beating or taking the gear, but has further problems on the horizon when Sharon witnesses him leaving another rendezvous with Rachel Reid. Meanwhile, Claire continues to push James to restart their IVF cycle, while David continues his relationship with Katie in secret.
  • Sean and Adrijan deal with a neighbour dispute involving a noisy dog. Adrijan tries to calm the situation by offering to exercise the dog, but when the dog is later found poisoned, the situation reaches boiling point. Meanwhile, Paudge is in court as a star witness in a battery case, leaving Sharon to be paired with Brian. Having confronted Rachel earlier in the day, warning her to stay away, Sharon is reluctant to go out on the beat, unaware that Brian has organised for her to be on the receiving end of a beating from three armed thugs. Angela's relationship with her husband continues to break down, while Katie is less than pleased with Bridget's latest scheme.
  • McKay organises an operation to catch Laser Byrne in the process of moving a stash of counterfeit booze and cigarettes, but when the sting fails to go to plan, he is forced to think of a second approach. A call from social services leads Sean and Adrijan back into the path of a young mother they encountered some months previously, who has now tried to kidnap her son from the foster parents who are looking after him. Meanwhile, Angela decides to cheer herself up by organising a night out with Tommy, but her evening takes an interesting turn when Sean and Adrijan turn up, much to Tommy's dismay. Laser realises Davey has been squealing to McKay, and teaches him a harsh lesson.
  • Angela deals with a man who complains that his son's grave is being constantly vandalized, but unhappy with the Garda's response, the man takes matters into his own hands, and confronts those responsible. Meanwhile, Vincent's job is compromised when a cargo of leather jackets is stolen from the warehouse by none other than Bridget and Keith. Paudge is forced to feed Beady information on the whereabouts of police checkpoints in the area, in order for him to ferry an illegal drugs shipment across town. Michael finds solace in new arrival Siobhan Reilly, who turns up at a charity due organised by Patricia, but their evening turns sour when he is forced to reveal that he killed Darren Kiely.
  • McKay and Angela interview Rachel Reid, but she confirms Brian's version of events. Her father, Liam, isn't convinced and attacks Brian outside of the station. Meanwhile, Bridget's latest harebrained scheme to make money leaves her out of pocket. Vincent confronts dodgy dealer Beady Burke, and he agrees to reimburse her on the understanding that Vincent looks after a gun for him. Angela's son Connor is involved an accident and is rushed to hospital. He initially admits to have taken marijuana, but later confirms to the nurse that he has also been smoking heroin. As Liam continues to push McKay to investigate Brian, Sharon continues to rebuff his bullying tactics.
  • Sean and Adrijan deal with a local crank who claims that a number of paedophiles are operating close to the local playpark. However, when he is later found beaten, having been the victim of a robbery, the pair begin to suspect that somebody may be wanted him to keep quiet. Sharon books in a lost engagement ring worth £14,000, but is stunned when it later disappears from her desk drawer. She's convinced Brian is responsible, and low and behold, when he unexpectedly 'finds' the ring, he proclaims himself the hero. Meanwhile, Michael finally confronts Katie over the shock revelation that Darren was blackmailing David over their secret relationship.
  • Sharon oversteps the mark when dealing with angry shopkeeper whose stock has been damaged by a teenage tearaway. When the shopkeeper makes a complaint against her, she finally reaches breaking point and reveals the whole truth about Brian to McKay. Brian is hauled over the coals, but denies all of the allegations made against him, and instead concocts a story which suggests that Sharon has made the whole story up as he denied her sexual advances. Sharon is convinced Paudge will back up her version of events, but he crumbles in interview at the thought of being branded a grass. Meanwhile, Sean and Adrijan deal with a violent assault involving rival Elvis impersonators.
  • A man is arrested after attempting to rob a convenience store in order to escape from two goons who are trying to reclaim a debt sold to them by his landlord. However, McKay isn't impressed to discover that Paudge is infact the landlord, and orders him to buy the debt back. David Hennessy confesses to stealing the money from his mother Patricia, in order to cover up for his brother, Michael. Meanwhile, Sharon bites the bullet and confronts Brian with the CCTV footage of him kissing a schoolgirl, claiming it was handed in by a witness. He denies any relationship and claims it was a friendly kiss, but soon discovers that Sharon was the one who found the footage.
  • The Kielys swear revenge on the Hennessys, leading Bridget Kiely to arrange an attack on the Hennessy's youngest son, David. Meanwhile, Sharon and Angela are forced to break the news to an elderly man that his daughter has died whilst travelling in Morocco. However, when they find him collapsed on his kitchen floor, they discover he has just days to live, so decide against telling him the tragic news. Supt. McKay and his wife are told devastating news that they have suffered a miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy. Paudge is tricked into thinking he has lost a squad car, while Darren Kiely's wake is interrupted by the arrival of an unwanted guest.
  • The search for Rachel gets underway, but Sharon is concerned that Brian may be responsible for her disappearance. Brian's daughter Melanie informs Nikki that Rachel was close with a man known as 'Fat Barry', who often hangs around the school and buys the underage students alcohol. Paudge brings Barry in for questioning and discovers that he has a previous conviction for stalking a young girl in Donegal. When Barry leads Paudge and Sharon to a piece of clothing worn by Rachel on the day she disappeared, he is arrested and formally cautioned, but the team soon discover his alibi is rock solid. Meanwhile, Patricia offers a reward of £10,000 for Rachel's safe return.
  • Sharon and Angela deal with a persistent shoplifter who is caught stealing from a local grocery store. The Kielys hear news of Michael's attempt to enter a plea bargain and plead guilty to manslaughter - and the situation is further inflamed when Patricia tries to offer them £150,000 to support it. Keith does not react well to the news, and decides to pay Patricia's business a visit. Meanwhile, Beady offers Paudge information on a rival dealer to eliminate his competition. Sean discovers the identity of Adrian's lover. Siobhan turns up, offering to give Michael another chance, and Angela and Tommy's marriage is put to the ultimate test when Tommy's girlfriend Kiera turns up at the station.
  • Katie finally reveals the shock truth to her family that she has been sleeping with David Hennessy. Vince orders her to move out, but quickly regrets his decision. He persuades Katie to make a statement to the police, confirming that David was being blackmailed by Darren, and that Michael offered to 'sort him out'. Katie also manages to persuade Bridget to give up the money found in Darren's wardrobe as evidence to confirm the blackmail. Sean and Adrijan find a young baby left in the middle of the road, and discover the parents are serial abusers who have previously had two children taken into care. Sharon continues to feel the heat from Brian, but warns she will not be silenced.
  • Christmas cheer is all around as the station's secret Santa gets underway, but Paudge isn't feeling so cheerful. Beady is back on his case, and continues to demand information on grass Jamie Donnelly's whereabouts. When Paudge tries to warn Donnelly's girlfriend of the impending danger, Beady responds by abducting Paudge's mother. Paudge is forced to call on his fellow colleagues for help, forcing the suspicion that he was the mole giving information to Beady. Meanwhile, at the end of his tether, Vincent asks Keith to procure a gun for him, and he decides to execute the kind of justice he was hoping for. But when Katie goes into premature labour, Vincent is forced to re-think his plan.
  • McKay and Nikki become convinced that Paudge is the mole, leaking information to Beady. McKay demands that Paudge reveal the identity of the informant who gave him the information that lead to Laser Byrne's arrest. Paudge concocts a story involving Ollie Coyne, and convinces Beady to make Ollie back up his version of events. Adrijan tries to patch things up with Joan Curry, but she rebuffs the idea of a rekindlement. Beady's thugs are hauled into the station, in the hope that one of them will crack under pressure and grass on their boss. McKay finally reaches boiling point and confronts Beady in a locked cell. Meanwhile, Michael discovers Siobhan is heading back to Thailand.
  • Sharon and Paudge arrest a woman with mental issues who tries to force herself on David Hennessy. When they finally discover her identity she leads them to her son's house, where they discover loot from nine unsolved burglaries and shop thefts. But is it an illegal search? Meanwhile, Katie Kiely is unimpressed with her mother's attempts to re-integrate herself within the family, so decides to apply for a job at the newly-opened Neptune Cafe, which she secures - but she soon has bigger problems to worry out when Patricia Hennessy discovers that money is being systematically stolen from the pub, and orders the Garda to arrest her on suspicion of theft.
  • Paudge is first to be interviewed when McKay calls in the DCC to uncover the identity of the mole. Meanwhile, new detective Rory Walsh turns up for his first day on duty, and is shocked to encounter a pregnant Katie Kiely, after their fling some months ago in a nightclub. Meanwhile, Michael continues to press ahead with his plan to leave Dublin and travel to Thailand with Siobhan. Patricia uncovers his plan and tries to stop him from leaving, but Michael has already had second thoughts on the idea. The DCC fail to uncover any information which could suggest who the mole might be, much to Paudge's delight. However, McKay is still convinced that he is somehow connected to Beady's operation.
  • Sharon investigates a case of domestic abuse, but is unimpressed when the victim, Eva Tully, refuses to press charges against her violent boyfriend, Josh Green. When Sharon discovers that Green has broken the terms of his visa, she uses the situation in an attempt to protect Eva. Meanwhile, Angela continues to struggle to trust Connor upon his return home from rehab. Her concerns are heightened when he fails to return home from college that evening, but her worry turns to pride when she discovers he has attended an AA meeting. When Vincent struggles to raise the money to buy a pram for Katie's baby, Keith's hair-brained scheme to rob one leads to Vincent getting a job.
  • The day of Michael's sentencing finally arrives, and tensions are running high. Patricia is furious when she discovers that the judge overseeing the case is tied up with another hearing, and that the new judge assigned to their case is known for passing heavy sentences. The Kielys' victim impact statement fails to have tenure, however, when the judge passes a sentence of five years - four of which are suspended, meaning that Michael will only serve a year in jail. Following the verdict, Vincent decides to dish out his own brand of justice, and confronts Michael with a broken bottle. Meanwhile, McKay continues to search for Davey, who has failed to turn up at the safe house in Galway.
  • As Rachel recovers in hospital, Brian is cautioned and questioned at another station. Paudge tries to convince Sean to apologise to Sharon, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Liam tries to persuade Rachel to make a statement against Brian, but Rachel refuses to implicate him in any wrongdoing, until she has a heart to heart with Sharon, which shocks her into changing her mind. Brian tries to plead his innocence with McKay, but McKay is disgusted and lashes out. Meanwhile, a particularly difficult prisoner who likes cavity searches has been brought into the station. McKay asks Sean to search him, but he refuses, which gives Paudge and Adrijan a good idea for a little scam.
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  • Red Rock es una serie de televisión estrenada el 7 de enero del 2015 por medio de la cadena TV3. La serie es producida por "Element Pictures" y "Company Pictures". La serie se centra en dos familias en una área típica de la clase media de Dublin y en la estación de la policía local. La serie ha contado con la participación invitada de Karl Bowe, Fionna Hewitt-Twamley, Maghnús Foy, Pat Mooney, Dean Brown, Paul Ward, Peter Carr, Fiona Quinn, Francis Usanga, entre otros... (es)
  • Red Rock is an Irish Drama set in a fictional seaside town near Dublin. It was first shown on TV3 on 7 January 2015, and is produced by Element Pictures and Company Pictures. The show is based around Red Rock's local Garda Station, and also features two feuding families, the Kielys and the Hennessys, whose battles often involve them with the police. All episodes are filmed on location or in studios based at the old John Player Factory in Dublin. The show received eight nominations and won three awards, including Best Soap, at its very first IFTA awards in 2015. (en)
  • Red Rock (es)
  • Red Rock (TV series) (en)
  • Red Rock (en)
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