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  • "Can You Feel It?" (1986) byMr. Fingers(Larry Heard). It was a seminaldeep housetrack. (en)
  • "Strings of Life" (1987) by Rhythim is Rhythim (Derrick May) was a seminalDetroittechnotrack. (en)
  • The acid house record "The Only Way Is Up" byYazzwas the second best-selling British single of 1988. (en)
  • "On and On" (1984) byJesse Saundersis often cited as the 'first'Chicago houserecord. It utilized theTB-303,TR-808,Korg Poly-61, minimal vocals, andsampledbasslinefrom Player One'sspace discosong "Space Invaders" (1979). (en)
  • Jesse Saunders - On and On.ogg
  • Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It.ogg
  • Strings of Life.ogg
  • Yazz - The Only Way Is Up.ogg
  • Jesse Saunders – "On and On" (1984) (en)
  • Mr. Fingers – "Can You Feel It?" (1986) (en)
  • Rhythim is Rhythim – "Strings of Life" (1987) (en)
  • Yazz – "The Only Way Is Up" (1988) (en)
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