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This documentation page might be outdated. Please also check https://github.com/dbpedia/lookup

The DBpedia Lookup Service can be used to look up DBpedia URIs by related keywords. Related means that either the label of a resource matches, or an anchor text that was frequently used in Wikipedia to refer to a specific resource matches (for example the resource http://dbpedia.org/resource/United_States can be looked up by the string “USA”). The results are ranked by the number of inlinks pointing from other Wikipedia pages at a result page.

Two APIs are offered: Keyword Search and Prefix Search. The URL has the form

Keyword Search

The Keyword Search API can be used to find related DBpedia resources for a given string. The string may consist of a single or multiple words.

Example: Places that have the related keyword “berlin”

Prefix Search (i.e. Autocomplete)

The Prefix Search API can be used to implement autocomplete input boxes. For a given partial keyword like berl the API returns URIs of related DBpedia resources like http://dbpedia.org/resource/Berlin.

Example: Top five resources for which a keyword starts with “berl”


The three parameters are

  • QueryString: a string for which a DBpedia URI should be found.
  • QueryClass: a DBpedia class from the Ontology that the results should have (for owl#Thing and untyped resource, leave this parameter empty).
    • CAUTION: specifying any values that do not represent a DBpedia class will lead to no results (contrary to the previous behavior of the service).
  • MaxHits: the maximum number of returned results (default: 5)


DBpedia Lookup currently contains data from DBpedia 3.8. Resources of redirect

Run Locally

You can install the DBpedia Lookup and run it in your server. Instructions are available here.

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