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Frederick II (German: Friedrich II.; 24 January 1712 – 17 August 1786) ruled the Kingdom of Prussia from 1740 until 1786, the longest reign of any Hohenzollern king at 46 years. His most significant accomplishments during his reign included his military victories, his reorganization of Prussian armies, his patronage of the arts and the Enlightenment and his success in the Seven Years' War. Frederick was the last Hohenzollern monarch titled King in Prussia and declared himself King of Prussia after achieving sovereignty over most historically Prussian lands in 1772. Prussia had greatly increased its territories and became a leading military power in Europe under his rule. He became known as Frederick the Great (German: Friedrich der Große) and was nicknamed Der Alte Fritz ("Old Fritz") by t

  • Frederick the Great
  • فريدرش العظيم
  • Frederic el Gran
  • Fridrich II. Veliký
  • Friedrich II. (Preußen)
  • Φρειδερίκος Β΄ της Πρωσίας
  • Frederiko la 2-a (Prusio)
  • Federico II el Grande
  • Frederiko II.a Handia
  • Frédéric II (roi de Prusse)
  • Friedrich II na Prúise
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