DBpedia Association

The DBpedia Association was founded in 2014, to support DBpedia and the DBpedia Contributors Community.


The charter of the DBpedia Association can be viewed online.


The executive team of the DBpedia Association consists of:

  • Sebastian Hellmann
  • Michael Martin
  • Dimitris Kontokostas

They can be contacted at <emaildbpedia@infai.org>.


All donations will be published as Linked Data, giving the donor their own URI in the http://dbpedia.org namespace, and using an RDF triple to say thank you. Additionally, all supporters will be listed on the supporter page, ranked according to their donation amounts.

Donate here!


We also offer the option to become a sponsor of DBpedia. As with donations, sponsorship will be published as Linked Data, giving the sponsor their own URI in the http://dbpedia.org namespace, and using an RDF triple to say thank you. Sponsors will also be included on the supporter page, ranked as the donors are.

Sponsorship differs from donation in that there will be concrete benefits for sponsors. We offer the following sponsorship modules:

  • Sponsors may support one of the DBpedia Community meetings (including logo and link).
  • Each sponsor will receive a linked data URI in the http://dbpedia.org namespace with a confirmation of sponsorship as linked data.
  • Each sponsor will receive a triple expressing the gratitude of the DBpedia Community for sponsoring.
  • A sponsor gains the right to present herself as a sponsor of DBpedia.
  • Sponsors will be mentioned on the DBpedia sponsor page.
  • A sponsor will receive a personal DBpedia sponsor badge with a DBpedia logo and the sponsor name, which sponsors can add to their own websites.

Prices are made individually and depend upon your organization size, sponsorship options, and willingness to support DBpedia. Please contact the DBpedia executive team at emaildbpedia@infai.org to discuss your particulars.

DBpedia Programs

DBpedia Programs are additional services offered by associated partners of DBpedia. The DBpedia Association network comprises renowned research institutes, non-profit Linked Data organizations, and companies. The programs will be coordinated and supervised by the executive team emaildbpedia@infai.org, who will help you to get into contact with one of the associated partners of DBpedia.

DBpedia Project Support Program

For projects that require technical guidance and help to follow best practices for Linked Data, we can connect you with leading Linked Data experts, who offer:

  • general advice/support
  • deliverable review
  • technical validation
  • workshops/training
  • provision of infrastructure

The DBpedia Association also supports the sustainable consolidation of results.

Horizon 2020

In addition to the above-mentioned Project Support Program, the DBpedia Association can be included as a subcontractor in H2020 projects. Service includes reviewing of deliverables, technical evaluation of infrastructure (conformance to standards), persistent hosting, and domain registration over the lifetime of short-term projects.

DBpedia Training Program

Organizations can send their employees to get trained on DBpedia. Training is normally done hands-on as an internship, and lasts one to six months. The paying organization and the intern can choose the focus of the training, e.g., SPARQL, Reasoning, Ontology Engineering, etc. A certificate of participation will be given to the intern.

DBpedia OS Developer Program

Companies and organizations can allocate time from their development team to work on DBpedia tasks. As a developer, you can get into contact with our open-source project and gain contacts and experience with open-source development or Linked Data. A certificate of participation will be given to the developer and the organization. (A 20% of time allocation as done by Google is also acceptable.)

DBpedia Data Persistence Program

In cooperation with the computer center of the University of Leipzig, we offer domain registration, hosting, and persistent data storage with backups for the long-term future (no duration restriction).

(planned) DBpedia Data Quality Program

Merge data sources consistently and do quality checks according to use cases.
Data is provided in a validated format including a Data Quality report.

(planned) Community Infrastructure Support

Support and guidance to copy the existing Community Infrastructure of DBpedia to support your community project.